My Photography

The Forth Road Bridge and Queensferry Crossing

“No, you don’t shoot things.  You capture them.  Photography means painting with light.  And that’s what you do. You paint a picture only by adding light to the things you see.”

Katja Michael

My photography is mainly of whatever catches the eye, whether impressive, attractive or merely of interest.  Yes, I like to produce beautiful photography.  But the world is not always pretty, and it will often deserve to be recorded too.  Whether attractive or ugly, the story is what you make of the picture.

Whatever the emotion to be conveyed – anger, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness, disgust, interest or shame – good composition, lighting, exposure and focus are central to a compelling image.  That is, the “painting with light” referred to in Katya’s quote above.  If the final outcome is meaningful to the viewer – invoking perhaps a sense of amazement, satisfaction, annoyance or rage – it will have served its purpose. 

I am inspired by what the late Romanian pianist, Radu Lupu, said about music-making and which is applicable to all forms of artistic expression, including photography:

“Everyone tells a story differently, and that story should be told compellingly and spontaneously.  If it is not compelling and convincing, it is without value.”

Radu Lupu (30 November 1945 – 17 April 2022)

The artist, James Mylne, who draws incredible portraits with a ballpoint pen, is also a great source of inspiration:

“Stay playful; try not to take your work too seriously. There are always better artists out there, but then, that’s what every artist knows also, so there’s no point in thinking you can be the best at something. Just enjoy creating your own work.”

“Spend time thinking about what in your life you can use to express yourself in order to be individual art-wise, this helps in standing out from the crowd and trends.”

James Mylne,