Superannuated Road Rollers

Superannuated Road Rollers

A walk with the dog up by the airfield one day yielded an unexpected find, in the form of two superannuated road rollers parked outside a small provincial museum, the Motorrad und Technikmuseum near Quirnheim in the Rhineland Pfalz.  Perhaps the intention is that one day they will be renovated for display.  But while outside, they were still at the mercy of the elements.

There is a particular aesthetic about the physical deterioration of obsolescent technology.  On this occasion, weak afternoon sunlight on a dry winter’s day provided just the right amount of sympathetic illumination to the vintage machinery, with its corroding bodywork, rusting components and peeling paint. 

These images were taken in February 2021. Check out the gallery for some images from the photoshoot. A link to the museum webpage may be found here: http://www.motorrad-technik-museum.de

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