Room II: East Lothian Wrecks


The Aberlady Submarines

The Aberlady Submarines are a pair of derelict midget submersibles abandoned and used as target practice after the end of the Second World War.  They are training versions of the X-Craft (the XT-Class) that attacked the Tirpitz while at anchor in Kåfjord in September 1943 and were declared surplus to requirements after the cessation of hostilities.

The hulks lie close to the low water line in Aberlady Bay in East Lothian.  The southern wreck is the more intact of the two.  It is hard to imagine how a crew of four managed to squeeze inside the tiny hull and still be able to carry out a dangerous mission.

Reaching the wrecks involves a long walk through the nature reserve and across the sands, so careful attention needs to be paid to the tides, weather, and available light if shooting into the blue hour.  These images were captured on various occasions in 2017.

East Lothian Wrecks Room

The Longniddry Wreck

The Longniddry Wreck was once an old fishing boat beached on the sands by Longniddry Bents in East Lothian.  Over time, the wooden hull gradually disintegrated from the relentless battering by the tides and weather.

Sadly, the wreck no longer exists.  The last remaining timbers have long since been washed away, with only a truncated remnant of the bow stem still embedded in the sand.  These images were taken on various occasions in 2017.